Prof. Diego A. Bonilla, cPhD

  • M.S., Nutrition & Dietetics

CEO & Lead Board member at Dynamical Business & Science Society – DBSS International SAS.
Director MTX COLLEGE & Science Product Manager at MTX CORPORATION® (Europe).
Member of the “Creatine in Health” Scientific Advisory Committee of Alzchem – Creapure®
Lecturer and researcher in molecular sciences applied to sports sciences and health at the:
I) Research Division of DBSS International SAS (Euro-America);
II) Research Group in Biochemistry & Molecular Biology at Universidad Distrital Francisco José de Caldas (Colombia);
III) Research Group in Physical Activity, Sports and Health Sciences (GICAFS) at Universidad de Córdoba (Colombia);
IV) Nutral, School of Nutrition and Food Sciences, Universidad CES (Colombia);
V) Sports Genomics Research Group, University of the Basque Country UPV/EHU (Spain);
VI) Research network at the Exercise and Sport Nutrition Laboratory (ESNL) at Texas A&M.

Education & Experience:
cPhD. Molecular Biology & Biomedicine, cMSc. Information Sciences (Engineering Faculty UD), Anthropometrist Level 3 ISAK (Instructor), Diploma Course in Analysis and Interpretation of Bioinformatics Data in Health, Certification Course in “Bioinformatics; Computer Methods in Molecular and Systems Biology”, MSc. Nutrition & Dietetics, Specialization Certificate in Systems Biology, Diploma Course in “Computational and Structural Biology”, Bachelor in Chemistry & Chemical Technical Analyst. Experience in both Wet and Dry Lab, knowledge in programming languages (Linux, R & MATLAB). Interested in the analysis and modeling of adaptation processes and adaptive biology. Co-author and contributor in the books: Creatine; Biosynthesis, Health Effects and Clinical Perspectives (2017), Principios del Ejercicio y la Nutrición Deportiva: de la Ciencia a la Práctica (2019) and Advances in Ketogenic Diet (2019).

▪ Editorial board at G-SE, RENHyD and MDPI (submission reviewer);
▪ Member of the American College of Sports Medicine member (ID: 825052);
▪ Member of the American Chemical Society;
▪ EIT Health Alumni Network (Europe)
▪ UNU-BIOLAC Alumni Network (America)

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