Prof. Darren Candow, PhD


Dr. Darren Candow PhD, CSEP-CEP, is a Full Professor, Past Associate Dean-Graduate Studies and Research and supervises the Aging Muscle and Bone Health Laboratory in the Faculty of Kinesiology & Health Studies, University of Regina.

He serves on the editorial review board for Nutrients, Frontiers and the Journal of the International Society for Sports Nutrition (ISSN). Dr. Candow also serves as a Sports Science consultant for ISSN and on the scientific advisory board of AlzChem for Creatine and Health.

Dr. Candow’s internationally renowned research program (funded by the Canadian Institutes of Health Research, Canada Foundation for Innovation, Saskatchewan Health Research Foundation and Nutricia Research Foundation) primary focuses on the development of exercise and nutritional intervention strategies for improving aging musculoskeletal health and function.

He has published over 70 peer-referred papers involving creatine supplementation.


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