Prof. Theo Wallimann, PhD

  • Ph.D., M-line-bound Creatine Kinase and Myofibrillar Structure (1975)

Theo Wallimann worked as Research Group Leader and Staff Member at the Institute of Cell Biology, Department of Biology, ETH Zurich, where he qualified as Lecturer with Habilitation in 1984 and was awarded the Title of Professor in 1994.

Theo Wallimann was Head of the Institute of Cell Biology in 1995 and Deputy Head in 1996.

Born on October 13th, 1946 in Alpnach, OW, Switzerland, Theo A. Wallimann studied at the Biology Department of the ETH Zürich. In 1975, he completed his PhD with a dissertation at the Institute of Developmental Biology (Prof. H. Ursprung) in Prof. H.M. Eppenberger’s laboratory on: Creatine Kinase and Myofibrillar Structure” that was awarded with distinction & ETH medal.

Supported by Swiss National Science Foundation (SNF) & Muscular Dystrophy Association of America (MDA), he worked from 1975-​1981 as a Postdoctoral Research Associate with Professor Andrew G. Szent-​Györgyi at the Department of Biology, Brandeis University, Boston, Mass. U.S.A., on the subject of «Myosin-​linked calcium regulation of muscle contraction».

In 1981, he took up teaching and research as a Senior Research Assistant at the Institute of Cell Biology, ETH Zürich, to work in the areas of muscle biochemistry, bioenergetics and molecular physiology of creatine kinase (CK) and AMP-​stimulated protein kinase (AMPK) that both are crucial for cellular energy homeostasis.

Theo Wallimann was the recipient of the Alfred-​Vogt Price 2005.

Theo Wallimann resigned from his position in June 2008 and is now a Prof. Emeritus.

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