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Initiative that brings the world’s creatine researchers to accelerate the awareness about the role of creatine supplementation for health and clinical diseases.

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Exercise & Sport Nutrition Laboratory - Texas A&M University

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The International Conference on Creatine in Health and Disease throughout the Lifetime – Creatine Conference 2022 was held at Alpharetta (Georgia, USA) from 16 to 19th May. It was a 4-day event hosted by the Scientific Advisory Board «Creatine for Health» of Alzchem Group AG – Creapure®, the Exercise and Sport Nutrition Laboratory (Texas A&M) and the Dynamical Business & Science Society – DBSS International.

Learn all about the state of science of creatine supplementation!
All the talks are available in written format in the book «Creatine Supplementation for Health and Clinical Diseases» edited by Dr. Richard B. Kreider and Dr. Jeffrey R. Stout.

Go and check the CREATINE CONFERENCE 2022!

Scientific Advisory Board

Prof. Richard B. Kreider, PhD
Prof. Richard B. Kreider, PhD

Texas A&M University, USA

Prof. Lili Yang, PhD
Prof. Lili Yang, PhD

University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), USA

Prof. Jeffrey R.  Stout, PhD
Prof. Jeffrey R. Stout, PhD

University of Central Florida, USA

Prof. Abbie Smith-Ryan, PhD
Prof. Abbie Smith-Ryan, PhD

University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill, USA

Prof. Darren Candow, PhD
Prof. Darren Candow, PhD

University of Regina, Canada

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This website contains research-based information for educational purposes to promote awareness of potential creatine applications in health and disease. The «Creatine For Health» initiative is not intentioned to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.

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