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Printed edition of the Special Issue ‘Creatine Supplementation for Health and Clinical Diseases’ that was published in Nutrients (IF: 5.719). It aims to provide comprehensive reviews of creatine supplementation effects for health and clinical diseases.

Thanks to Dr. Richard B. Kreider, Dr. Jeffrey R. Stout and all the contributors that supported this effort. Papers from this book were presented by the authors in March 16 – 19, 2022 on the online CREATINE CONFERENCE 2022: Creatine in Health and Disease throughout the Lifespan.

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Creatine is – after water – the second most common low-molecular weight compound within the human body. Beyond acting as an energy precursor compound, do you know the health benefits of creatine supplementation?

At this section, you will learn more about the applications of creatine in health, disease and rehabilitation. For instance, Crearene AG as a pioneering patient-centric medical technology company to enhance the quality of life of dialysis patients.

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